You remember that thing you know I could do?
Yo; welcome to my original content blog.

The name's Taylor, but my friends call me Tay.
21 years old.
A Sadist ☆.
Genderqueer. [x]
Renaissance Man with the heart of a pisces.
I like art in general, but illustration is my focus.
Taken. [x]

A drawing of Stephanie/Severin and Edouard, Ocs of mine and a friends’ (respectively), being vampires and bearing their fangs.

Severin is like, “I’M A VAMPIRE OH MY GOSH WHAT IS HAPPENING HJKHVJKHASD AHHHHHH I HAVE FANGS AHHH” and Edouard is like, “I’m a vampire, but I don’t really want to hurt you… sorry…”

I was told to draw expressions based on their personality… it was a really fun thing to do. I missed drawing them ehe.

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